Products > Simulated Stained Glass: Regalead Overlay Film & Lead

Boyce Western Glass offers a complete service using the Regalead system for overlay window lead and film products creating simulated stained glass and leaded lights panels custom made to any design.

Simulated leadlight is the process of applying a self adhesive lead strip and coloured film to one piece of glass to create the design you require. It is simple and easy to achieve, requiring only patience, a steady hand and time. We have a DVD available for purchase allowing you to learn the art of this stunning craft at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. We ae also very happy to offer advice and explain the basic skills to you in the showroom.

The Regalead range of lead strip is available in widths from 3.5mm up to 12mm and comes in 10 metre and 50 metre rolls. The more popular widths also stocked in a 25 metre rolls. 

Film comes in a sheet size of 460 x 660 with over 500 colours and patterns to choose from to create the realistic design full of depth and contrast. 

Beware, not all self adhesive lead and film are the same and there are some cheaper, less reliable products available on the market.

Make sure you get the best possible materials and service using our Customer Checklist.